PES110-TW1 Enclosed Subwoofer Facing Left/Down
PES110-TW1 Enclosed Subwoofer Facing Left/Down with transparency to show subwoofer inside
PES110-TW1 Enclosed Subwoofer Facing Right/Up with subwoofer and grille visible
PES110-TW1 Installed in cargo area of Ford Bronco with tool box, cases and drill

Single 10TW1 StowAway™, Sealed, 4 ohms


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Enclosed Subwoofer System with Single 10TW1-4 Subwoofer, Black Texture Finish (300 watts, 4 ohms)


StowAway™ subwoofer systems are engineered to deliver amazing subwoofer performance in challenging environments and applications.

Featuring a down-firing hard-shell design, StowAway subwoofers are well suited for mounting areas shared with cargo or exposed to the elements. Constructed from marine-grade materials, this low-profile enclosure design harnesses the incredible small box requirements of the TW1 subwoofer to generate smooth and powerful bass from a remarkably compact enclosure. Slotted mounting feet located at each corner of the enclosure’s base assist with off-the-floor installations or in tight spaces where access is limited. 

The StowAway subwoofer system is prewired with selectable harness exits located underneath at opposite ends.

  • Finish: black texture with debossed logo on top; a protective mesh grille is included to protect the subwoofer
  • Recommended amplifier power: 75–300 watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Note: Mounting hardware is not included with StowAway systems. The installation method and mounting hardware used will vary based on the requirements of your specific application. The final mounting method must affix the enclosure securely to prevent movement and vibration.

PES110-TW1 Enclosed Subwoofer Facing Left/Down


Available in stores only